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Gifford Fence Company Coronavirus Policy

  • We will be scheduling estimates as usual as long as no restrictions on travel are placed by the government.
  • We have a long history of the handshake in our company, but due to the current situation we will refrain from shaking hands. Please know that no disrespect is intended, we just want to help slow or prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Estiimators will maintain a safe distance from cutomers during the estimate process.
  • We do suffer from allergies, but rest assured we will not send anyone to your home that showing any signs of anything other than an allergy.
  • If you prefer to not take the estimate sheet with the layout and pricing we usually leave, just let us know and we can email it to you along with any brochures that pertain to your job.

  • We can email almost all paperwork to you to sign and only a couple of municipalities require us to present original documents for permits. We can avoid direct contact in these situations by you mailing us the docs or you can leave them for one of our staff to pick up.
  • Some municipalities have closed or reduced availability to services. Right now it is has not impacted us as most permits are obtained online. But with courthouses and comptrollers offices closing it does make it harder to record certain docs with county offices. This could delay some permitting as these recorded docs are needed for permitting. We are working to make sure we can process your permit paperwork in a timely fashion to not delay your fence installation.

  • Right now all of our suppliers are open for business and ready to serve. If this should change we will notify customers of any delays in their installation because of a hold up in the supply line.
  • Again, our guys do have allergies, but we will not send out an installer that is sick or showing signs of anything other than allergies.

  • While we do prefer payment by check to save on fees we gladly accept credit card payments online.

Please email me with any questions at
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