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The Gifford Fence Difference
Since 1978 Gifford Fence Company has installed a quality product at a competitive price in the Nashville, TN area. We are doing the same thing in the Orlando area (Orange County, Seminole County, Lake County & Volusia County). We understand that a fence is no longer a cheap barrier that is installed to keep unwanted animals out of the yard. With Homeowners Association requirements and the introduction of PVC & aluminum into the residential market, fences have become more expensive. And we take pride in providing a you a worry free installation of great products using time proven techniques.

The Biggest Difference
The first and biggest difference when you buy a fence from Gifford Fence is that you deal with me, Jerry Gifford. I am the owner Gifford Fence. My Dad and I handle the free estimates. With most companies you get a sales person working on commission. I take a lot of pride in the products we deliver and I am always hands on during the entire process.

The Installation Difference
I have two fabulous crews that I have hand trained on the way we build fences. Some of the things we do are small details that other companies don't concern themselves with. Some of the things are a hugely different. So let's cover what Gifford Fence does that may differ from a lot of the companies in the Greater Orlando Area.

Wood Fence (Click Here for Horizontal Board)
  • Posts are set 30 inches in the ground and anchored with WET concrete. We do sometimes dry pack posts on small jobs, but we prefer to wet set whenever possible.
  • Fence are site built. We build it from the ground up, board by board. We only use prefab panels when the customer requests it.
  • Hot dipped, galvanized, ring shank nails. That's what we use. They don't rust or run and the ring shank acts like a screw & won't pull out.
  • 6"x6" gate hinge posts. They are bigger and heavier plus they don't bow as badly as 4"x4" posts.
  • Three hinges per gate leaf. There are three runners on a wood privacy fence, so why not 3 hinges? Hinges are sold in pairs and most companies don't want to buy an extra pair because that is money out of their coffers.
  • Slide lockable Max-latch from Ameristar Fence Products, Inc. We have used this latch since 1978 and it is the best wood gate latch on the market. It has no spring to rust off, it is double sided, reversible and it has a nifty pin that slides in to lock the latch.
  • The wood. We use ACQ pressure treat pine with a weather protector already applied for 99% of our installations. The only other thing we use, in some cases, is a cypress picket. But only when required by the HOA or homeowner. I prefer to use the larger 5/8" x 5-1/2" pine pickets because it is a thicker stronger piece of wood that will last longer. We use full 2"x4" rails, not 2"x3". And our 4"x4" posts are not the rounded edge above ground kind. We use the full post that is designed to be installed below ground.
  • We custom build many different styles including stockade privacy, board on board privacy, shadowbox semi-privacy, and picket fence. Any of the privacy or picket styles can also be spruced up with a cap or an arch or scallop cut.

PVC / Vinyl Fence
  • Posts are set 30 inches in the ground then the hole is filled with some soil to help hold the post in place. The a full 60lb bag of concrete is added to the hole. Then more soil is put on top to provide soil for grass to grow in around the post.
  • Panels are installed piece by piece. We don't use full one piece panels from Home Depot or Lowes. Ours have individual support rails & pickets. On all of our styles the support rails insert in the post. The manufacturers crimp locking tabs into the end of each rail to lock it in the post. But we go a step further and install screws, inside the post, in the top rail. We put them in snugly against the post to prevent panel movement. Panel movement is what creates large gaps around the posts in PVC privacy fences. Our system helps hold everything together in a tighter manner.
  • I hate seeing a flat gate in a hill or grade in a customers yard. It can lead to large gaps where pets or children can get out. Whenever we have a gate that will be on a grade we will custom build that gate to give you a tighter fit and more security.
  • We only use the best gate hardware. Each gate leaf has one pair of stainless steel, black vinyl coated, self closing, adjustable hinges. They cost more, but they save time during installation and if a gate adjustment is ever required. Each gate also has a double sided key lockable Keystone Advantage Latch. These latches are great because all of the inner workings are protected by the post. We also use aluminum I-beam inserts in each of the gate hinge posts fro two reasons. 1) It provides more stability for the weight of the gate 2) It gives the screws for the hinges something solid to hold them up.
  • Materials. All of our PVC / vinyl installations are 100% virgin, co-extruded poly vinyl carbonate supplied by top notch manufacturers like Mid Atlantic Vinyl Products, Inc, Homeland Vinyl Products, Inc & Master Halco Illusions. All of which provide a Lifetime Warranty for their products.

Aluminum Fence
  • Materials, materials & materials. The materials are what make a difference when it comes to an aluminum fence. We only use the best manufacturers (Ameristar Fence Products, Inc, On Guard Fence Systems, Ltd, Alumi-Guard Fence Products, Inc & Spartan Fence Systems, LLC) to insure that all our materials are top quality. Each manufacturer provides a Lifetime Warranty. Plus aluminum does not rust so it won't come apart in 5 years like some of the iron & steel fences of the past.
  • We concrete all the posts with between 20 - 30 pounds of concrete (depending on the fence height & style). We use longer, thicker, heavier gate hinge posts to assure a strong base for your gate.
  • Panels insert into the posts and are secured with matching screws. We take time & pride in making sure panel intersections match up as best as possible for a tight, aesthetic look.
  • Self closing hinges and key lockable latches are a standard for us. Most aluminum fences are used as pool fences so we do everything to meet BOCA regulations to give you a secure yard or pool.

These are some of the things we do as a standard to make sure your fence will last a lifetime. But the biggest difference is that if you have a problem with one of our installations all you have to do is call me, 407-375-1739. I am the owner and we will do everything we can to make it right.
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Copyright Gifford Fence Company, LLC 2019 Orlando FL
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