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Materials Shortages and Price Increases
We are currently experienceing severe shortages of vinyl, wood & aluminum materials due to the Covid-19 forced shut downs. Factories and mills shut down production, but were still shipping on hand product. Now they are reopened and scrambling to build inventory. In an effort to service orders vinyl fence suppliers are stopping production on all but white product (since it is the best seller). Any of our tan or wood look offerings are being back ordered until October or November right now. Material shortages are expected for the next 8-12 weeks. Due to the shortages jobs may be pushed back because I just can't get the materials to do them.

Also, due to demand (especially in lumber) & shortages prices have risen drastically. This is most prevalent in lumber. 4"x4"x8' posts were $7 in April and now they are closing in on $19. Price increases are expected across the board for all product lines since demand is high and supply is low. We honor all current contract prices, but estimates more than 30 days old will have to be recalculated to current pricing or I will simply pass on the job. Better to lose a job than to lose money.

Scheduling has also been effected. I lost an install crew in early July due to a vehicle accident and beause of my standards & requirements I have been unable to fill the position. This has pushed scheduling of installations back more than 8 weeks. Rest assured that if you have a contract you are on the calendar and the time table I gave you is still valid as long as I can find the materials. We are working hard to stay on schedule while looking for another crew to fill the void I currently have.
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